Relatable Austin wedding planners specializing in full weekend weddings and guest centric experiences.  

You have deep connections with your guests and want to create a wedding experience everyone will enjoy.


You should have the opportunity to enjoy your engagement and focus on the commitment you are making to your partner without being overwhelmed by wedding planning.


I will come along side you to help you plan the wedding of your dreams and an experience your guests will love.

"Having someone that literally cared about what we thought and had us at the forefront of their decisions was amazing. I would have lost my mind without her. I had to re-plan my wedding four times before Shelby, and this was the only time I was sure it was going to be fine."

- Luci & Philip

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Hi there,
         I'm Shelby!

I started Plan On It Events & Design to help couples enjoy wedding planning, get relief from overwhelm, and create vacation-like weddings for couples and guests alike. Our team is passionate about being your wedding bff third wheel and bringing visions to life.

"Hiring Shelby was truly one of the biggest blessings of our wedding day. She took so much stress out of the last few weeks of wedding planning, which allowed me to enjoy the days prior and of course the wedding day itself. Our families loved her and we are all so grateful for the wonderful job she did!"

- Baleigh + Neal




Partial Service

Planning |

Plan what you want and hand off the rest with this ultimately customizable service.  Have peace of mind knowing you have a wedding planner there to help just an email away.

Partial Service Planning


Full Service Planning |

Get guidance from a professional from proposal to honeymoon. 

The Weekend Experience |

Create a fully immersive wedding weekend experience to celebrate your love. 

Full Service Planning &
The Weekend Experience


Event Management |

Plan the wedding on your own, knowing we are here to answer any questions you may have. Then, trust our logistics experts to organize your final details and executive your wedding day to perfection. 

Event Management

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