I'm Engaged! Now What?

Updated: May 27, 2021

YOU DID IT, FRIEND. You're engaged! You have a ring on your finger, butterflies in your stomach, and find yourself daydreaming all the time about your wedding. The thing is, you have no idea how to even start planning a wedding. Questions keep racing through your mind: Do you choose a date first or a venue? How will you ask your wedding party to be involved? Who will you invite? Who is paying for what?

If that describes you perfectly, you are in the right place. In this post I’m going to talk about what to do after you get engaged! We will talk through how to make your wedding day priorities, how to make a budget, and figuring out your overall wedding aesthetic.

Wedding Day Priorities

This is something I ask all of my couples during their pre booking phone call. And believe it or not, most engaged couples don’t know how to answer this! Your wedding day priorities are the things you care the most about on your wedding day. It could be that you want your wedding to be really memorable to your guests, or that you want people dancing the whole night, or you want the ceremony to be really sentimental and meaningful. It could be anything, but you NEED to figure this out before you start planning. Why? Because you need to use this list to prioritize which vendors to book first and how much of your budget you want to devote to these things.


There's a million and one resources out there to help you budget, so I'm not going to get all into that here. What I will talk about is why setting up a budget is super important before you start wedding planning. If you don’t put a budget in place, you will overspend.

Boom. End of story.

So you need to set one up. Doesn’t have to be super detailed, but you at least need to know in total how much you want to spend. Also - think through where this money is coming from. Are you and your partner paying for the whole wedding yourself? Will your families be able to contribute? Do they expect to contribute? Those are hard conversations to have and it may be awkward to bring it up, but they are necessary! It also depends on your relationship with your family and any cultural expectations that may apply to your specific scenario.


What do you want your wedding to look like? What feeling do you want it to convey? Themed or not? You may want your day to be boho and relaxed, classic with clean pastels, a fancy cocktail hour, bold with lots of colors, etc. This is important to figure out before you start planning your wedding because the venue you book, the vendors you hire, and the invitations you send out all need to be consistent in aesthetic and design.

For example, your venue. One of the first things couples book is the venue so they can secure a date and a location for the wedding. Your venue could be an industrial warehouse, a historic mansion, a ritzy hotel downtown, or even a outdoor space in the middle of the hill country. All of these give a specific style and that will be hard to work around if you wait to figure out the aesthetics of the day.

Okay now say it with me: Priorities, Budget, and Aesthetics.

Once you have these three things nailed down (or at least a clearer idea of what they are), start looking at vendors who match up with what you want.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this post gives you some grounding and makes starting wedding planning a little easier for you. This is such a special, exciting time in your life, so don’t waste it being stressed! I am a professional, insured wedding planner in Austin so if you need some extra help planning and want awesome advice like this all the time, hit me up and let’s work together!

Happy planning,

Shelby Kirchner

Owner & Head Planner

Plan On It ATX


I am Austin based full service wedding planner for the modern, relaxed couple who wants to enjoy their engagement and wedding planning experience. We specialize in full weekend weddings that are centered on a high guest experience.

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