Wedding Services: Planning vs. Coordination

If you're engaged or you've ever been engaged it's likely these terms have been thrown at you. But what exactly do they mean? What's the difference in between a wedding planner and a coordinator? Do I need one? Do I need both? Do I have the budget for this?

Slow down, friend! Keep reading and all of your questions will be answered...

Here's the low down... wedding services contain two main types: Wedding Planning and Coordination. Yes, they are different. Very, very different! And before you dive into the deep abyss of which one you need these are the basics you will want to know.

Wedding planning is when you have a professional wedding planner helping take the vision you have of your wedding day and forming it into a tangible event. So say you have a dream of a big wedding day, but you don't have any idea how to get started. Or, you don't have time to really plan a wedding. This is the option for you! A wedding planner is usually one of the

Wedding Planning vs Wedding Coordination

first vendors you hire, depending on the involvement you want them to have. For example, for full service wedding planning, I would help you do everything from finding the venue, ordering the flowers, managing the guest list, communicating with vendors, and so forth all the way from engagement to after the wedding. Partial service wedding planning would allow you as the couple to do some of the planning on your own, while letting me focus on aspects of planning you need more guidance with! Wedding planning packages are very customize-able because I know not one package will fit everyone's needs.

On the other hand, if you want to plan your whole wedding but just need assistance on the day of the wedding, this is the thing for you! A coordinator is a professional who comes in at the end of your planning process to tie up the details and execute the big day. For day of coordination (which is the most popular) I would come in about a month in advance to help you create a timeline and layout for your big day, plus communicate that to your vendors. Most importantly, the DAC runs around your venue on the big day to make sure everything is in its place, the vendors are doing what they are supposed to, and the day moves along according to the timeline. This saves your mom, your aunt, your best friend, and/or your maid of honor having to run around and do it for you. Instead, they can spend the morning sipping mimosas with you in the bridal suite and dancing the night away at the reception without worry.

So here's what you are really reading this for: how much do these services cost? I can't tell you exactly what the dollar amount is for these services across the board, however there are some guidelines you can go by. Full service planning is the most expensive of the wedding services in the industry while day of coordination is the most affordable. If you have the budget to hire a full or partial service planner, go for it! It will take away so much of the stress of planning a wedding and really allow you to enjoy your engagement. If day of coordination sounds more your speed, that's perfect too. Each couple is different in their needs for the big day, and there is no shame in knowing what you want and going for it!

Hopefully, if you've made it this far, you have a better grasp on the difference between wedding planning and coordination. If you still have some questions burning in you mind, shoot me an email at ! No question is too small. :)

- Shelby Click

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