Wedding Welcome Bags: Tips & Tricks

Welcome bags can be an incredible way to infuse some of you and your partner’s personality into your wedding weekend celebration. Plus, it’s an extra layer of thoughtfulness and hospitality for your guests who are travelling in for your big day. Welcome bags are really versatile and can include whatever makes sense for your style and budget! In this post I’ll be discussing welcome bag themes, content ideas, and delivery options.

Theming Your Welcome Bags

If a welcome bag is done right, it is cohesive with the rest of your wedding design, reflects the vibe of your event, and shows off key aspects of your personality. If your wedding is going to be a relaxed affair on a beach consider using a custom beach tote to include all of your goodies. If you and your partner really enjoy date nights at breweries, include a few types of craft beer from local sources. The possibilities are truly endless! Here are some questions you can ask yourself to flesh out how to theme your welcome bags:

  • Where are we getting married? Is this location geographically unique (beach, mountains, etc.)?

  • What do we want our wedding to feel like (easy going, relaxed, a wild dance party, etc.)?

  • Where was our first date or in what city did we meet?

  • What is our favorite thing to do for a date night?

  • What is something unique about our relationship that we want to share with our guests?

  • How can we help our guests have a better experience on our wedding weekend?

What to Include in Your Welcome Bags

After considering what your theme will be, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to include! Remember, the goal of this gift to your guests is to welcome them to your wedding, help make them comfortable, and enhance their experience throughout the weekend. I recommend choosing a couple items from each category below to include in your welcome bag:

  • Food (non-perishable snacks like popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels, cookies, etc.)

  • Drinks (sparkling water, a mini bottle of prosecco, a can of craft beer, etc.)

  • Weekend Itinerary (single page or a booklet giving the time and location of any miscellaneous weekend events like a happy hour, rehearsal dinner, or farewell brunch)

  • City Guide (recommendations for places to see and nearby restaurants)

  • Souvenir (a small item that showcases the location of your wedding or something about you two as a couple)

This list is surely not exhaustive but is a great place to start to build your welcome bag contents. You can get as luxe with this as you want, or you can opt for something more relaxed. Whatever you include, make sure it is useful to your guests and not just a trinket that might get thrown away later.

Welcome Bag Delivery Options

Now you have a beautifully crafted bundle of hospitality and you need to get it to your guests when they arrive in town for your wedding. The way in which it will make the most sense for you to get your bags to your guests depends heavily on where they are lodging for the weekend. If you have a hotel block where most of your guests are staying for the weekend, call and ask the front desk if they offer welcome bag delivery. Some hotels charge for this service, while others do it for free! Alternatively, if your guests' lodging options are spread out consider passing out the bags at a welcome happy hour at the beginning of the weekend. This is a great opportunity to welcome everyone into town, share your excitement, and deliver the bags all in one go. Another option is to ask a few family members and/or wedding party members to personally deliver the bags to your guests.

If you end up with any extras, have a spot in mind on your wedding day to set them out so guests can take extras home if they would like. If a few of your guests live nearby and drive in on the day of the wedding, they can grab a bag and still feel included in the weekend’s festivities. After all, what will you do with them once you get back from the honeymoon?

Hopefully this post has sparked a few ideas of what you might want to include in your bags for your guests! Welcome bags are just one part of making your guests’ experience a priority for your wedding weekend. If you want to plan a weekend full of events to celebrate with your guests and need help, I am your girl! I specialize in full weekend wedding planning and would love to create an experience for you and your guests that feels like a vacation. Reach out to me via my email below and let’s chat about your needs and how I can help!

Happy planning,

Shelby Kirchner

Owner & Head Planner

Plan On It ATX

I am Austin based full service wedding planner for the modern, relaxed couple who wants to enjoy their engagement and wedding planning experience. We specialize in full weekend weddings that are centered on a high guest experience.

Email today to learn more about my services and how I can help you and your partner plan the wedding of your dreams!


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